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The Private Villa

The Private luxury Villa rıght near the sea and the nice beach
ID Объекта: 869
  • Цена аренды:1 000 € за сутки
  • Тип сделки:Аренда
  • Город:Бодрум
  • Тип недвижимости:Вилла
  • Категория:Люкс
  • Количество комнат:4
  • Количество гостинных: 1
  • Количество спален: 3
  • Количество ванных: 2
  • Количество кухонь: 1
  • Площадь: 200 м2
  • Сад:Частный
  • Бассейн:Частный
  • Вид на море:Есть
  • Инфраструктура:5* отеля
  • Охрана:круглосуточная
  • Расстояние до моря:0 м
  • Расстояние до пляжа: 0 м
  • Расстояние до центра:300 м
  • Расстояние до магазина:150 м
  • Расстояние до аэропорта:35 км

The Private Villa is stunningly situated by the breathtaking Torba Bay right on the sea and the beach. This alluring fusion house has been painstakingly restored to offer its guests the highest quality and most luxurious stay in one of Bodrum's most sought after areas.

This is a unique seafront property is 200 square meters  with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private patio, terrace, and a professional kitchen.

On the entrance level there is a casual dining room which is linked to a professional kitchen where your personal chef can be requested to provide meals. The kitchen is fully equipped with fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine.

The living room leads onto the front patio. The upper level of the villa consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has private terrace where guests can suntan and relax in their own privacy

The villa has a lovely private garden adorned with colorful flowers, plants and shaded seating area where guests can relax and enjoy the sunset & sunrise over the Torba Bay.

Private Villa guests have access to all the services provided by the hotel situated near the villa, including the Turkish breakfast at the Residence.

Rent prices - from 1 000 euros per a day.


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